Energy GeoEngineering Laboratory


Budi Zhao

Postdoctoral Fellows and Research Scientists
Alum​ni - ​Pos​tdoctoral Fellow​​​​​

Research Interests

Micromechanics of granular materials​
In-situ X-ray µCT and image analysis methods​
Discrete element method (DEM) in geomechanics​

Selected Publications

Zhao, B. & Wang, J. (2016). 3D Quantitative Shape Analysis on Form, Roundness, and Compactness with µCT. Powder Technology, 291, 262-275
Zhao, B., Wang, J., Coop, M. R., Viggiani, G. & Jiang, M. J. (2015). An Investigation of Single Sand Particle Fracture Using X-Ray Micro-tomography. Géotechnique, 65(8), 625-641.
Zhou, B., Wang, J. & Zhao, B. (2015). Micromorphology Characterization and Reconstruction of Sand Particles Using Micro X-ray Tomography and Spherical Harmonics. Engineering Geology, 184, 126-137.
​​- ​Wang, J., & Zhao, B. (2014). Discrete-continuum Analysis of Monotonic Pile Penetration in Crushable Sands. Canadian Geotechnical Journal, 51(10), 1095-1110.​
Zhao, B., Zhang, L. L., Jeng, D. S., Wang, J. H., & Chen, J. J. (2014). Inverse Analysis of Deep Excavation Using Differential Evolution Algorithm. International Journal for Numerical and Analytical Methods in Geomechanics, 39(2), 115-134.​


PhD., Geotechnical Engineering, City University of Hong Kong, 2012-2016.
B.Eng., Civil Engineering, Chongqing University, 2006-2010 .