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Effect of dissolution on the load-settlement behavior of shallow foundations

Cha, M; Santamarina, J.C (2016). " Effect of dissolution on the load-settlement behavior of shallow foundations​". Canadian Geotechnical Journal. Vol 53
Cha, M; Santamarina, J.C
mineral dissolution, shallow foundation
Mineral dissolution and solid–liquid phase change may cause settlement or affect the bearing capacity of shallow
foundations. The effect of gradual grain dissolution on small-scale shallow foundation behavior is investigated using the discrete
element method. Results show that dissolution is most detrimental during early stages, as initially contacting particles shrink
and force chains must reform throughout the medium. Porosity tends to increase during dissolution and force chains evolve into
strong localized forces with a honeycomb topology. Higher settlements are required to mobilize bearing resistance in postdissolution
sediments than in pre-dissolution ones. Subsurface mineral dissolution beneath a footing under load is the worst
condition; in fact, settlem