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Marco Terzariol

Postdoctoral Fellows and Research Scientists
Research Scientist

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Research Interests

​Methane Hydrate Bearing Sediments
Tool design, implementation and deployment
Multi-flow systems
Fluid-sediment interaction

Selected Publications

- Terzariol, R.; Terzariol, M. and Stassi, M. (2009). "Evaluacion Sismica de una Torre de Toma para la Presa "Las Tunas" Provincia de Catamarca". VIII EIPAC, Mendoza, Argentina.
- Santamarina, J.C.; Dai, S.; Jang, J. and Terzariol M. (2012). "Pressure Core Characterization Tools for Hydrate Bearing Sediments". Scientific Drilling, 14, 44-48.
- The PCCT Development Team (Georgia Tech: Santamarina, J.C.; Dai, S.; Jang, J.; Terzariol M. and Papadopoulos, E.; USGS: Winters, W.J.; Waite, W.; Mason, D. and Bergeron, E.) (2012). "Pressure Core Characterization Tools for the Enhance Gas Hydrate Field Programs", Fire in the Ice, 12, 2, 7-9.
Santamarina, J.C.; Dai, S.; Terzariol M.; Jang, J.; Waite, W.F.; Winters, W.J.; Nagao, J.; Yoneda, J; Konno, Y.; Fujii, T. and Suzuki, K. (2015). "Hydro-Bio-Geomechanical Properties of Hydrate Bearing Sediments from Nankai Trough", Journal of Marine and Petroleum Geology.
- Terzariol, M. (2015) "Laboratory and Field Characterization of Hydrate Bearing Sediments - Implications". Thesis submited in partial fulfillment of the Degree Doctor of Philosophy, Georgia Tech, Atlanta, Georgia, USA.


- PhD, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA, USA. 2011-2015.
- MS, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA, USA. 2011-2013.​
- Ingeniero Civil, Universidad Nacional de Cordoba, Cordoba, Argentina. 2004-2009.

Scientific and Professional Memberships

​- Sociedad Argentina de Ingenieria Geotecnica (Argentinian Geotechnical Society)
- ISSMGE (International Society for Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering)
- ASCE member - Geo Institute
- GRS (Gordon Research Seminar: Hydrate Bearing Sediment chapter) co-chair, 2014-2016