Energy GeoEngineering Laboratory

PhD Theses

Recent PhD Theses

• Efthymios Papadopoulos (2014). 
"Performance of unbound aggregate bases and implications for inverted base pavements" 

• Sheng Dai (2013). "Natural hydrate-bearing sediments: Physical properties and characterization techniques" 

• Cesar Pasten (2012). "Geomaterials subjected to repetitive loading: implications on energy systems" 

• Seunghee Kim (2012). "CO2 geological storage: hydro-chemo-mechanically coupled phenomena and engineered injection" 

• Minsu Cha (2012). "Mineral dissolution in sediments" 

• David Nicolas Espinoza (2011). "Carbon geological storage - underlying phenomena and implications." 

• Jaewon Jang (2011). "Gas Production from Hydrate-Bearing Sediments." 

• Douglas Cortes (2010). "Inverted Base Pavement Structures." 

• Jongwon Jung (2010). "Gas Production from Hydrate-Bearing Sediments: Geo-Mechanical Implications." 

• Hosung Shin (2009). "Development of Discontinuities in Granular Media." 

• Veronica Rebata-Landa (2007). "Microbial Activity in Sediments: Effects on Soil Behavior." 

• Joo-Yong Lee (2007). "Hydrate-Bearing Sediments: Formation and Geophysical Properties." 

• Ahmed M. Bayoumi (2006). "New Laboratory Test Procedure for the Enhanced Calibration of Constitutive Models." 

• Guillermo A. Narsilio (2006). "Spatial Variability and Terminal Density -Implications in Soil Behavior." 

• Hyun-ki Kim (2005). "Spatial Variability in Soils: Stiffness and Strength." 

• Taesup Yun (2005). "Mechanical and Thermal Study of Hydrate Bearing Sediments." 

• Jake Dodds (2004). "Particle Shape and Stiffness." 

• Jose Alvarellos (2004). "Fundamental Studies of Capillary Forces in Porous Media." 

• Angel Palomino (2003). "Fabric Formation and Control in Fine-Grained Materials." 

• Julio Valdes (2002). "Fines Migration and Formation Damage - Microscale Studies." 

• Maria Guimaraes (2002). "Crushed Stone Fines and Ion Removal from Clay Slurries - Fundamental Studies." 

• Jong-Sub Lee (2003). "High Resolution Geophysical Techniques for Small-Scale Soil Model Testing." 

• Gye Chun Cho (2001). "Unsaturated Soil Stiffness and Post-Liquefaction Shear Strength." 

• Yu-Hsing Wang (2001). "Attenuation in Soils and Non-Linear Dynamic Effects." 

• Americo Leon Fernandez (2000). "Tomographic Imaging the State of Stress." 

• Dante Fratta (1999). "Passive and Active Measurement of Unique Phenomena in Geotechnical Engineering." 

• Katherine Klein (1999). "Electromagnetic Properties of High Specific Surface Minerals."