Energy GeoEngineering Laboratory

Granular Materials: Fundamentals

Soil Behavior


Interparticle forces – Contact phenomena

Particle shape (development of shape, macroscale effects)

Discontinuities (localization, polygonal faults, desiccation, hydraulic fracture)

Fabric formation and control (fabric map: pH and ionic concentration)

Terminal density

Unsaturated soils (contact angle, interacting menisci, stiffness, desiccation, wetting)

Friction (nature, vibration effects)


Strain - Strain rate - Thixotropy

Testing - Information

Spatial variability

Filters – Fines migration – Clogging

Granular flow


Thermal properties

Energy and Energy Coupling

Frozen ground (see Hydrates under Energy)

Biological aspects (survivability, bio-gas, bio-clog, bio-cementation)

Rock Mass (wave propagation, joint strength)

Special Soils (Mexico city soils, volcanic ash soils, seafloor sediments, loess)

Testing (specific surface, variability, critical state - see "soils and waves")