We're Recruiting Postdoctoral Fellows

29 February, 2020

The Energy GeoEngineering Laboratory (EGEL) investigates the fundamentals of geo-materials, coupled thermo-hydro-bio-chemo-mechanically processes and emergent phenomena with advanced applications for the energy sector. Our approach is based on elegant experimental designs (with extensive instrumentation and monitoring), complemented with simple but robust analytical solutions and numerical simulations.

We are currently recruiting dedicated Postdoctoral fellows to further extend our research in our four core areas: fluid flow, granular materials, fractured rock and IT/sensors. Successful applicants will have excellent written and oral English communication skills.

The conditions at KAUST are exceptional. Our secure campus is a “live and work” community in a beautiful setting on the Red Sea and is home to over 7000 professionals, students, academics and their families.  From an academic perspective, KAUST has unrivaled research facilities, world renowned academics, and already has the fastest growing citation record in the world.

We can confidently say that the KAUST experience is a truly unique opportunity for brilliant Ph.D. students and Postdoctoral fellows who share the dream to make a difference in our field and in the world. We hope you will consider KAUST and our program.

Professor J.C Santamarina

Postdoctoral fellow recruitment:

Email your CV and the names of three references to:

Gabrielle Abelskamp: gabrielle.abelskamp@kaust.edu.sa