Tools and Procedures

RSCS:  Chart - Excel fileRevised Soil Classification System
          Chart - Excel file instructions

          Fines Classification - Paper 
          Fines Classification - Closure

          RSCS (coarse and fine) - Paper
          RSCS (coarse and fine) - Closure​

Discrete Signals and Inverse Problems          

Free book available for download
Collection of standard micro-photographs and 3D stereopairs. Shape chart  
Analysis of forces that act on a particle - Implications
Procedure for specific surface determination using methylene blue and gas absorption. Implications
Device and procedure to assess spatial variability in soils specimens with style="border: 0; padding: 0 10px 0 0;" high resolution.
Bender Elements: Preparation
Pictorial manual for the installation of bender elements. Utilization and interpretation.
Gas Hydrates - Cells
Cells developed for this research.
Simplified procedure to determine critical state parameters for clean sands.
Bio-Geo Processes
Introduction to biological concepts and their relevance in geotechnical engineering.
A summary of our tools (PMRL).
Water Potential Meter WP4CSoil water characteristic curve (SWCC) using the dew point hygrometer