Welcome Christian Wimmer and Sang Yeob Kim!

07 May, 2018

Christian Wimmer and Sang Yeob Kim have recently joined EGEL as Visiting Scholars.


Christian is a VSRP student from Montanuniversitat, Leoben is working with our group for five months. He is supervised by Professor Holger Ott in Leoben. Christian is working with Senior Research Scientist, Dr Thomas Finkbeiner and Professor Carlos Santamarina on a project involving hydro-mechanical and fluid reactive behavior of fractured shale.  

Sang Yeob is evaluating shear responses of sand, silt and clay due to cyclic freezing-thawing with EGEL Postdoc Dr. Junghee Park. He has joined EGEL for three months as a Visiting PhD student from the School of Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering, Korea University and is supervised by Professor Jong-Sub Lee.