Anant Ghumare

Postdoctoral Fellows and Research Scientists

Postdoctoral Fellow​​


Research Interests

Interfacial phenomena and surface chemical interactions. 
Surface properties of crude oil/air, crude oil/brine (or water) and crude oil/solid surfaces. 
Surface tension, interfacial tension, contact angle, wetting and surface charge
Surfactants as fracturing fluid stabilizer, gravel packing fluid additive, rheology modifier, clay/shale/corrosion inhibitor, emulsifier, and increase hydrocarbon production.

Selected Publications

  • Synthesis and antibacterial activity of novel amido-amine based cationic gemini surfactants; Anant K. Ghumare, Balu V. Pawar and Sunil S. Bhagwat 2013.Journal of Surfactants and  Detergents, 16:85–93.                                                2
  • Low density oil external emulsion with gelled internal phase as a gravel packing carrier fluid; Anant K. Ghumare, Prerana Suryawanshi and Lalit Salgaonkar 2014. PCT/US14/41917.
  • Novel Surfactants for Conformance Applications in Subterranean Formations; Anant K. Ghumare, Ramesh Uppuluri and Ravikant Belakshe 2014. PCT/US14/17837.
  • Environment Friendly Amido-Amine Based Cationic Gemini Surfactant for Clay/Shale Inhibition Application; Anant K. Ghumare, Monalisa Mallick and Mallikarjuna Shroff Rama 2014. PCT/US14/41545.
  • Methods and Composition of High Temperature Low Residue Seawater Based Fracturing Fluids; Anant K. Ghumare, Chetan Prakash and Tzoni Trifonov Raykov 2014. PCT/US2014/39677.
  • Novel amido-amine based compounds useful as surfactants; Anant K. Ghumare  and Sunil S. Bhagwat 2010., Indian Patent Publication Date- 30-Oct-2015; PCT International Classification Number C07C 231/12, C07C 233/36​


  • ​PhD, Organic Chemistry, 2013, Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai Maharashtra, 400019, India
  • MSc, Organic Chemistry, 2006, University of Pune, Maharashtra, 411007, India
  • BSc, Chemistry, 2004, University of Pune, Maharashtra, 411007, India

Professional Profile

  • Post-Doctoral Fellow, KAUST, Thuwal, Saudi Arabia​ (Feb 2016 - Current)
  • Sr. Scientist-Chemist in Halliburton Technology Center, Pune (Oct 2012 - Feb 2015)
  • R & D Officer, EVOTEC-RSIL Ltd. Thane, Maharashtra, India (Dec 2006 - Dec 2007)

Scientific and Professional Membership

  • Society of Petroleum Engineering (SPE) 2013-2015​