Andika Perbawa

PhD Students

Co-advised with Dr. T. Finkbeiner


Research Interests

Seismic interpretation
Unconventional energy
Rock physics
Non-seismic method

Selected Publications

  • Perbawa, A., Yudhatama, D., Arham, M.A., 2013. Application of Low Frequency Passive Seismic Method for Hydrocarbon Detection in S Field, South Sumatra Basin. Joint Convention Medan Indonesia Association of Geophysicist (HAGI) – Indonesia Association of Geologist (IAGI). Medan
  • Perbawa, A., Kusuma, B., Winardhi, S., 2012. Integration of Seismic Inversion, Pore Pressure Prediction, and TOC Prediction in Preliminary Study of Shale Gas Exploration. 37th Indonesia Association of Geophysicist (HAGI) Annual Conference and Exhibition. Palembang
  • Perbawa, A., 2011. Enhance Gravity Inversion Result Using Integration of Time-lapse Surface and Borehole Microgravity. Geophysics Journal - Indonesia Association of Geophysicist (HAGI). Jakarta
  • Perbawa, A., Putri, I, H., Kadir, W, G, A., Alawiyah, S., 2009. Synthetic Modeling of 4D Borehole Microgravity for Fluid Movement Monitoring in Complex Structure Models. 34th Indonesia Association of Geophysicist (HAGI) Annual Conference and Exhibition. Yogyakarta
  • Juanda A, A., Perbawa, A., Sahara, D, P., Dwiperkasa, D, W., Bekti, R, P, A., 2008. Direct Current Resistivity Method for Shallow Hydrocarbon Exploration. 32nd Indonesia Petroleum Association Conference and Exhibition. Jakarta


  • MSc, Applied Geophysics, Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia, 2009-2011
  • BSc, Geophysical Engineering, Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia, 2005-2009

Professional Profile

  • Society of Exploration Geophysicist (SEG)
  • Himpunan Ahli Geofisika Indonesia (HAGI)​​