J. Carlos Santamarina

Principal Investigator



Research Interests

Prof. Santamarina explores the scientific foundations of geomaterial behavior and subsurface processes using particle-level and pore-scale experiments, combined with numerical methods and high-resolution process monitoring systems. This conceptual and experimental framework is advancing the study of phenomena and the development of solutions in energy geotechnology with contributions to: resource recovery (petroleum, methane hydrates), energy geo-storage, efficiency and conservation, and energy waste (carbon geological storage, fly ash and nuclear waste).

Selected Publications

  • Laboratory Strategies for Hydrate Formation in Fine-Grained Sediments
    L. Lei, J. C. Santamarina
    Journal of Geophysical Research - Solid Earth, (2018)
  • The hydraulic conductivity of sediments: A pore size perspective
    X. W. Ren, J. C. Santamarina
    Engineering Geology, vol. 233, (2018)
  • Revised Soil Classification System for Coarse-Fine Mixtures
    J. H. Park, J. C. Santamarina
    Geotech Geoenviromental Engineering, vol. 143, (2017)
  • CO2 Breakthrough – Caprock Sealing Efficiency and Integrity for Carbon Geological Storage
    D. N. Espinoza, J. C. Santamarina
    International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, vol. 66, (2017)
  • Maximum Recoverable Gas from Hydrate Bearing Sediments by Depressurization
    M. Terzariol, G. Goldsztein, J. C. Santamarina
    Energy, (2017)
  • Mudcake Growth: Model and Implications
    Q. Liu, J. C. Santamarina
    J. Petrol. Science and Engineering v. 162, (2017)
  • A Constitutive Mechanical Model for Gas Hydrate Bearing Sediments Incorporating Inelastic Mechanisms
    M. Sánchez, X. Xuerui Gai, J.C. Santamarina
    Computers and Geotechnics, vol. 84, (2017)
  • Capillary pressure across a pore throat in the presence of surfactants
    J. Jang, Z. Sun, J.C. Santamarina
    Water Resources Research, vol. 53, (2017)


  • PhD, Geotechnical Engineering, Purdue University, 1987.
  • M.Sc. Geotechnical Engineering, University of Maryland, 1984.
  • I. Civil. Universidad Nacional de Cordoba, Argentina, 1982.