Clasificación de suelos: Fundamento Físico, Prácticas Actuales y Recomendaciones

by J. Carlos Santamarina And Guillermo A. Narsilio
Year: 2008


Santamarina, J. C. and Narsilio, G. A. (2008). "Clasificación de suelos: Fundamento Físico, Prácticas Actuales y Recomendaciones." 50th Anniversary Conference, Venezuelan Geotechnical Society


​The relevance of the Unified Soil Classification System (USCS) becomes evident when it is analyzed taking into consideration the particulate nature of soils. Furthermore, a fundamental analysis helps identify important soil parameters that are not adequately considered in routine geotechnical laboratory practice. These parameters include: specific surface and surface charge, particle shape, saturation, small-strain shear stiffness, spatial variability, in-situ void ratio and critical state soil parameters. This manuscript includes a brief discussion of these parameters and a detailed description of simple yet effective procedures that can be used for their quantification.


clasificación de suelos ensayos de laboratorio superficie específica variabilidad bender elements estado crítico forma de las partículas