Fine-Grained Mixtures: Fabric Formation and Control

by Angelica M. Palomino And J.C. Santamarina
Year: 2008


Palomino, A. M. and Santamarina, J. C. (2008). "Fine-Grained Mixtures: Fabric Formation and Control." GeoCongress


​Fabric formation in fine-grained particulate materials depends on pore fluid characteristics and the mineral and geometric characteristics of particles. The behavior of both individual mineral systems and mineral mixtures is studied through macroscale tests involving a wide range of solid volume fractions and strain levels. Results show that (1) a clear fabric map develops on the pH-ionic concentration space for single mineral systems, (2) Coulombic attraction between oppositely charged mineral particles in kaolinite-calcium carbonate mixtures heavily influences particle associations at low solids content, (3) the influence of an anionic polymer on single or mixed mineral systems is surface-charge dependent, (4) the response can be further modified by adding divalent cations to affect the cation-to-polymer ratio and control the level of particle associations within single and mixed mineral systems treated with polymers. These results are relevant to many natural soil environments and the possible development of engineered mineral mixtures for industrial applications.