Behavior and Modeling of Geo-Materials Subject to Repetitive Loading

by Pasten, C., Shin, H., And Santamarina, J. C.
Year: 2012


Pasten, C., Shin, H., and Santamarina, J. C. (2012). "Behavior and Modeling of Geo-Materials Subject to Repetitive Loading." Revista Internacional de Desastres Naturales, Accidentes e Infraestructura Civil, Vol. 12, No. 1


​Several geotechnical systems are subjected to low magnitude repetitive loading that causes long-term strain accumulation. This manuscript proposes a numerical scheme to solve mechanical boundary value problems using the finite element method. A plasticity-based constitutive model is used to analyze the static and first load cycle, and a hybrid model with empirical accumulation is invoked to track the accumulation of deformation during the cyclic load. The hybrid model considers the elastic threshold strain, terminal density, and ratcheting. The analysis of a shallow foundation subjected to repetitive vertical load shows gradual strain accumulation and stress redistribution during repetitive loading. Finally, we recognize the need for numerical schemes to model the long-term behavior of soils subjected to thermal, freezethaw, wet-dry, and chemical cycles.


ratcheting repetitive loading terminal density.