Membership Functions I: Comparing Methods of Measurement

by Jean-Lou Chameau And Juan Carlos Santamarina
Year: 1987


Chameau, J. L. and Santamarina, J. C. (1987). "Membership Functions I: Comparing Methods of Measurement." International Journal of Approximate Reasoning, Vol. 1, pp. 287-301


A set of questionnaires was prepared to compare four elicitation methods: point esthnation, bzterval estflnation, membership function exemplification, and pairwise comparison. Technical and nontechnical topics were involved, assuming subjects performed either as measurenlent instruments or as repositories of knowledge. The advantages, disadvantages, and limitations of each method are discussed on the basis of the evaluation of the answers given by 22 professors and graduate students. The analysis of the results presented herein is extended in Part 11, where trends in fuzziness are discussed. Both Parts I and H are oriented toward practical applications.


elicitation fuzzy sets Hedges Measurement membership function