Particle transport in a nonuniform flow field: Retardatino and clogging

by Julio R. Valdes And J. Carlos Santamarina
Year: 2007


Valdes, J. R. and Santamarina, J. C. (2007). "Particle transport in a nonuniform flow field: Retardatino and clogging." Applied Physical Letters, Vol. 90


The authors examine the time delays experienced by migratory particles inside nonuniform flow fields using experimental and numerical methods. Particle trajectories are affected by the particle-fluid density ratio and the flow direction, such that particles may precede or trail the fluid. In flow toward an orifice, the time delay suffered by a single particle is a function of the Froude number Fr and the Archimedes number Ar. When multiple particles are transported radially through a porous medium, time delays manifest through localized annular clogging when 0.05<Ar-1 <0.15 and Fr<6. Gradual particle sedimentation occurs when Ar-1>1. Applications include filtration and reservoir fluid extraction.