Study of Geoprocesses with Complementary Wave Measurements in an Oedometer

by Moheb Fam And Carlos Santamarina
Year: 1995


Fam, M. and Santamarina, J. C. (1995). "Study of Geoprocesses with Complementary Wave Measurements in an Oedometer." ASTM Geotechnical Testing Journal, Vol. 18, No. 3, pp. 307-314


​Particulate geomaterials can be uniquely studied with wave-based techniques. Electromagnetic and mechanical waves interact with the tested material, exciting different phenomena and revealing different information. Complementary wave measurements were implemented in a modified oedometric cell to study and to monitor different processes in geomaterials. The cell and the measuring devices are discussed, followed by a presentation of typical measurements conducted during consolidation, chemical diffusion, and cementation. The paper also includes a discussion of the most common computations and analyses involved in this type of test.


mechanical waves electromagnetic waves oedometer clays consolidation Diffusion Cementation