Wave Propagation in Soils - Multi-Mode, Wide-Band Testing in a Waveguide Device

by Daute Fratta And J. Carlos Santamarina
Year: 1996


Fratta, D. and Santamarina, J. C. (1996). "Wave Propagation in Soils - Waveguide Device for Multi-Mode, Wideband Testing ." ASTM Geotechnical Testing Journal, Vol. 19, No. 2, pp. 130-140


​This paper presents the development of a waveguide device and the corresponding processing methodology to study wave propagation in particulate materials. Its main advantages are: the cancellation of biasing transfer functions (e.g., transducer, coupling, and electronics); the determination of both velocity and attenuation in a wide frequency range; the evaluation of torsional, flexural, and longitudinal propagation modes; and the computation of field propagation parameters from laboratory multi-mode data. Fundamentals of signal processing are reviewed, followed by a discussion of design considerations including boundary effects and geometric dispersion. Typical results are presented.


Wave propagation Signal processing material testing phase velocity attenuation damping